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An accidental injury attorney should be consulted if you have had an accident and/or have been injured. Accidental injury includes any injury that was caused by the negligence of another. In order to collect compensation for your injuries, it must be proven that the wrongdoer failed to exercise the level of care required as determined by law and that the victim’s injuries were caused by the wrongdoer’s carelessness.
There are two factors that make up an accidental injury case.

  1. Assess liability:
    • Who is at fault?
    • To what degree?
    • What chain of events happened?
    • What actually caused the injury?
    • Who is at fault for allowing such event and injury to occur
  2. Assess the damages:
    • What was damaged?
    • Determine the true nature, extent and permanency of any injury.
    • Determine the financial cost to repair, replace and/or make the injured person whole.
    • Assess compensatory damages covering past and future medical bills, as well as past and future lost wages.
    • Pain and suffering damages to compensate the victim for emotional and physical suffering.


If both of these two factors – liability and damage assessment – are satisfied, you may have a:



Lynbrook, NY Accidental Injury Lawyer

New York’s laws are complex and ever changing. It is at these times, when you are weakest, hurt and most vulnerable that the lawyers at The Misrok Law Firm, LLP, should be contacted so that it can be determined whether you have a viable claim and ensure that you do not lose your entitled compensation. In New York there are a variety of rules and deadlines which must be followed properly and timely in order to be able to maximize a recovery in the courts. An example is a statute of limitations, which is a limited time in which one can start an action in court.

There are Accidental Injury Limitations if you wait to long to file.

The amount of time can vary greatly and is determined by the type of event that caused the accident/personal injury. This is only one of the pitfalls that may prevent someone who has been harmed from bringing an action to court and interfere with their ability to be fairly compensated for their injury.
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