Bronx Estate Administration Lawyer


Bronx Estate Administration Lawyer

Estate Administration is the term used to describe the New York court supervised process of settling someone’s estate after death. Estate Administration matters in Bronx New York are filed in the Surrogates Court. If the deceased had a will, the court process is called Probate. When there is no will, the court process is called Administration.

Estate Administration Attorney

The Misrok Law Firm, LLP, New York estate administration lawyers, have extensive experience in dealing with estate administration matters. Our goal is to resolve all estate probate and administration cases as efficiently and as quickly as possible to help survivors, heirs and loved ones move on from their loss with as little distress as possible Our Estate Administration Attorneys have years of experience helping the process move quickly and easily.

Estate Administration Bronx, NY

We have a trained staff with the knowledge to handle a wide range of Bronx, NY estate probate and administration issues, including the preparation and filing of estate and Surrogate Court petitions, documents, forms, tax returns, inventories, and other records. We also help with the collection and transfer of assets and the minimization, settlement and resolution of debts and tax liabilities.
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